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Introducing LINKED

A New Era in Dry Eye and Aesthetic Services

Powered in Partnership - At the core of 'Linked" are two dynamic companies: Eyebridge Consulting & DONE4YOU® Marketing.

Together they form the foundation of this innovative program. EyeBridge Consulting, a leader in practice optimization for dry eye and aesthetics care collaborates seamlessly with DONE4YOU® Marketing, a dedicated marketing agency specializing in eye care practice growth & revenue based results.

A marketing agency tailored for busy eye care professionals. We provide your practice with a dedicated expert to manage and execute all of your customized marketing initiatives, with a focus on growth & revenue-based results.

​A boutique consulting firm, founded by Dr. Ann M. Hoscheit who brings the perspective of practice owner, dry eye specialist, aesthetics strategist and implementation coach to every project, ensuring that optimal patient care is linked to financial success.

Our approach is customized to help your practice stand out in a competitive marketplace, grow your business, and introduce innovative ways to maximize your practice's potential.

Unlock the potential of your patient base without overextending yourself. With the support of the experts at Linked, you can expand your practice by diversifying with their services. The Linked team is here to implement and optimize for you, paving the way for growth and enhancement.

Make your Mark with a Specialty Service

Schedule Your No-Obligation Consultation

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